The Benefits of Modern Safety Standards

The Benefits of Modern Safety Standards

(Posted on 15/05/17)

Safety standards in road vehicles have accelerated rapidly in recent years. In years past a car was considered safe if it had a seat belt and airbags. Now, the technology available to customers includes autonomous braking, lane keep assist, blind-spot warning and multiple airbags in the sides and the footwells.

Even more impressive is the way manufacturers design the chassis and a vehicles' components so as not to crush occupants during an impact. Modern vehicles are extensively tested by Euro NCAP to exacting standards to ensure the safety of occupants and pedestrians alike.

Below is a link to a video which shows just how vast the gap between modern and old cars has become. This test performed by Euro NCAP is between two Toyota Corollas, one from 1998 and the other a 2016 model. The results are astonishing.

View the video here

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