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Accident Management

We understand that keeping your cars on the road is no.1 priority and we want to make sure that when you lease a vehicle for the business through Fleetsauce we can keep your drivers mobile in the event of an accident.

Our partner FMG can look after all the aspects of any incident and ensure your drivers welfare is priority and then assisting making them mobile - with minimal downtime and stress that the incident may cause.

We provide this free to our customers that have a minimum of 10 cars (or vans) on the fleet.

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Who are FMG?

FMG is the UK’s leading provider of comprehensive fleet incident management solutions. Operating on behalf of major private and public sector fleets and leasing providers, FMG is committed to reducing the total cost of fleet incidents whilst minimising vehicle downtime and delivering an unrivalled customer experience.

When vehicles incidents occur, FMG’s fleet experts are available 24/7/365 to provide vital driver support and manage every aspect of the incident, from initial reporting to vehicle recovery and replacement vehicles, repair management, Risk reduction services and a range of Insurance services. Ingenium, FMG’s in-house designed and managed platform, seamlessly drives all services and retains tight control over every time-critical process, all incident-related costs and every customer’s specific instructions.

FMG’s UK-wide network of vehicle repairers offers a range of high-quality BS10125 certified repair options, including one-day SMART and mobile repair at the driver’s location, midi repairs through express repair pod solutions and traditional bodyshop repair, all designed to reduce vehicle off road (VOR) time to an absolute minimum. FMG’s in-house automotive engineers verify that the appropriate repair option is selected, repair costs are accurate, and monitor repair progress. Drivers are kept mobile throughout with a suitable replacement vehicle and can track repair progress via FMG’s online Ingenium portal.

FMG’s Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) experts recover over £2 million per month for the non-fault driver.

FMG employs over 500 staff from its headquarters, Broad Lea House in Huddersfield and all services are managed in-house, enabling the seamless and safe sharing of data via integrated systems.