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Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management?

Whether you have one vehicle or a hundred we can manage all of the day to day running required to ensure your fleet keeps moving and responds to any requirements as soon as they arise. It is important that your fleet complies with all current Government legislation, HMRC Regulations and Duty of Care laws; we will continuously work with you to ensure you meet all of these and will respond to any changes immediately.

Alongside this we offer a free online Fleet Administration system for all of our customers, we will upload all of your vehicles onto the system including those already on fleet. This system shows all details relating to your vehicles including finance provider, emergency contact numbers and any other notes you require such as damages (in accordance with BVRLA "Fair Wear & Tear" Standards) or speeding fines. You can make live changes to your vehicle information and also export all the data to view and analyse on a spreadsheet. We can keep regular mileage updates with your drivers and a warning will be sent to you if a contract is projected to run over mileage. We can then look into any contracts which look to be surpassing their total contract mileage, amending the annual mileage if necessary.

As vehicles are nearing the end of their contracts the Fleet Administration System will give you regular reminders and also give you the ability to request contract extensions, collections, quotes for new vehicles and the option to purchase if applicable.

Key points of Fleet Management

  • Having all of your vehicles cared for by an expert all in one place streamlines current processes
  • Working with your accountants we can calculate the most cost and tax efficient strategies of running your fleet providing bespoke solutions catered to your requirements
  • We will monitor your fleet and ensure it meets the requirements set for Duty of Care, HMRC regulations and any new Government legislation
  • ‘Bolt on’ packages including free Accident Management and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • You will be appointed your own Fleetsauce Account Manager to help and advise you with all of your fleet requirements and answer any questions you have

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