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Fleet Management System


We understand that running a fleet is extremely demanding and your need for an account manager is increasing. As a valued Fleetsauce customer you are entitled to a free account on our fleet management system. Here, you can monitor your whole fleet from one place and benefit from many useful features which make managing your vehicles easier than ever. Your account comes equipped with an on-hand account manager and demonstrations of how to use our system effectively.

At Fleetsauce we pride ourselves in providing all our valued customers with bespoke, honest, and trustworthy assistance. We possess all the knowledge and resources you require to keep a fleet running and maintained to the highest standard.

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What is fleet management?

Fleet management is the process of overseeing and coordinating a company’s fleet of vehicles. This includes tasks such as scheduling maintenance and repairs, tracking fuel usage and costs, monitoring driver behaviour, performance and ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Fleet management also utilises our software to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the overall productivity of your fleet.

Whether you have one vehicle or a hundred we can manage all your day to day requirements and respond to any issues as soon as they arise, ensuring your fleet keeps moving! It is important that your fleet complies with all current government legislations, HMRC regulations and duty of care laws; we will continuously work with you to ensure you meet all these and respond to any changes immediately. This system shows all details relating to your vehicles including finance provider, emergency contact numbers and any other notes you require such as damages (in accordance with BVRLA "Fair Wear & Tear" Standards) or speeding fines. You can make live changes to your vehicle information and analyse it all in one place.

As vehicles are nearing the end of their contracts the fleet management system will give you regular reminders and also give you the ability to request contract extensions, collections, quotes for new vehicles and the option to purchase if applicable.

Variety of Features

Fleetsauce is an experienced and trusted Fleet Management provider, providing thousands of businesses with bespoke care and management solutions. To ensure your fleet is bespoke we factor in every aspect of your fleet and business needs. Whether you require administration support, or help to acquire a new vehicle, our expert advisors will supply a solution adapted to you.

Our Unique variety of Fleet Management services include:

Monitor your fleet

Fleet management allows us to keep regular mileage updates with you and your driver. You can enter in the current mileage of a vehicle; it then automatically calculates how much over or under mileage you are likely to be at the end of the contract. It also provides how much you may be charged giving you a chance to request a mileage amendment if applicable. When a vehicle is approaching the end of its term you will be notified by email, this gives you the chance to contact your account manager directly and arrange collection, source a replacement, or arrange an extension. This notification will also show in your account on the home page.

Store all your information

All your important information is readily available and easily accessible, whenever you need it! This includes phone numbers for servicing, breakdown, or finance queries. You can upload your important documents such as insurance certificates to your account to access when you need them. Both you and your account manager can upload your information onto the system, ensuring it stays up to date and efficient.

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