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Dacia Lease Deals Explained

At Fleet Sauce, we specialise in offering you affordable and flexible Dacia leasing options for the full range of Dacia cars.

Dacia is a car brand well known for reliability, economy, and comfort. It is an excellent choice for both personal and professional leases.

Budget Friendly Leases

Dacia cars are known for their affordability without compromising on quality.

Consequently, leasing a Dacia with us provides you with the pleasure of driving a new car at a fraction of the cost of owning one outright.

Dacia Car Leasing Options

Our Dacia car leasing options cover the following models.

Dacia Duster Diesel Estate Leases

A Dacia Duster Diesel Estate lease stands out as a remarkably affordable option in the compact SUV segment - particularly appealing to those who want to prioritise both fuel economy and practicality simultaneously.

Featuring a diesel engine that provides you with excellent fuel efficiency, this model is tailor-made for long-distance driving with reduced fuel stops.

Dacia Duster Estate Leases

A Dacia Duster Estate lease offers you a car with an enticing mix of value and practicality that makes it a standout in the affordable SUV category.

This model, for instance, provides you with a petrol engine, giving buyers who prefer petrol's responsiveness and quieter operation a suitable option to choose from.

It also maintains the same styling and practical features as its diesel counterpart, including significant ground clearance and a great interior that emphasises both functionality and comfort.

Dacia Jogger Estate Leases

A Dacia Jogger Estate lease gets you a car that is ideal for families by offering you more space while not compromising on affordability while it does so.

Unique in its class, the Jogger Estate can comfortably seat up to seven people, making it ideal for larger families as well.

As a result, it combines the practicality of an estate with the seating capacity of a larger MPV.

Dacia Sandero Hatchback Leases

A Dacia Sandero Hatchback lease gives you a car that is one of the most cost-effective Hatch cars on the market, providing you with exceptional value without sacrificing on quality.

This hatchback is compact yet surprisingly spacious, fitting comfortably on city streets while offering you adequate room for your passengers and groceries alike.

Furthermore, it gives you a choice of efficient engines, which reduces both your overall fuel costs and emissions.

Dacia Sandero Stepway Hatchback

A Dacia Sandero Stepway Hatchback Lease gives you a car that enhances the standard Sandero Hatchback formula by introducing more rugged styling elements and increased ground clearance as well, making it more suitable for light off-road adventures.

It further distinguishes itself with a distinctive front grille, body cladding, and roof rails, while the interior steps up with a slightly higher quality of materials and optional technological enhancements, such as a larger infotainment screen and rear parking sensors, to name only a few.


Choose from short-term or long-term leases with customisable mileage limits and maintenance plans tailored to meet your needs.

Servicing and Maintenance

Enjoy the latest models with advanced technology and safety features, all while our comprehensive lease agreements allow you to drive with peace of mind, knowing that your servicing and maintenance is handled for you over the duration of your lease.

How to Lease a Dacia Car

Leasing a Dacia car could not be easier simply:

Step 1 - Choose Your Model

Please select your model from our wide range of Dacia car leases on offer.

Step 2 - Customise Your Plan

Then, adjust your term length, mileage, and initial payment to suit your budget.

Step 3 - Get Approved Quickly

Apply for your lease online. After answering a few questions, our team can generally approve you very quickly.

Step 3 - Delivered to Your Door

Have your chosen Dacia delivered directly to your home or place of work at no extra cost to you.

Contact Us

Have questions? Our friendly team is ready to help you find the perfect car leasing solution. Call us or email us to find out more about our Dacia lease deals today.

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