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DS Lease Deals Explained

At Fleet Sauce, we specialise in providing you with exceptional lease deals on the full range of DS Automobiles.

Designed for those who want a blend of luxury and performance, DS cars are the top-end of French automotive engineering and performance.

So, whether you are looking for a compact city car or a luxurious SUV, our DS lease options provide you with the flexibility and affordability to drive your dream car you want without compromise.

DS Lease Models Available

Our Dacia car leasing options cover the following models.

DS 3 Electric Hatchback Leasing

Ideal for the eco-freindly driver, a DS 3 Electric Hatchback lease combines city practicality with advanced electric technology.

Its emission-free driving, quick charge capabilities, and state-of-the-art connectivity features offer you a sleek, environmentally friendly car.

DS 3 Electric Hatchback Special Edition Leasing

Building on the base model, a DS 3 Special Edition lease adds exclusive styling cues such as bespoke exterior colour options and premium interior finishes.

While further advanced infotainment upgrades and unique badging also set it apart for those seeking exclusivity and distinction.

DS 3 Hatchback Leasing

A DS 3 Hatchback lease gives you a car that combines luxury and compact design - perfect for city driving.

It features a great suspension system for a smooth ride, chic French styling, and cutting-edge safety technology - making it a top choice for city drivers, especially

DS 3 Hatchback Special Edition Leasing

This edition DS 3 Hatchback lease gives you a car with luxurious touches like leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, and exclusive alloy wheels.

Consequently, it is designed for drivers looking for a compact car with a premium feel and additional personalised features.

DS 4 Diesel Hatchback Leasing

A DS 4 Diesel Hatchback lease offers you a car that has the power of a Diesel engine, which makes it perfect for longer journeys.

It stands out with its fuel efficiency, robust performance, and quiet operation, coupled with DS's signature luxury interior.

DS 4 Hatchback Leasing

Giving you a performance car, a DS 4 Hatchback lease features a dynamic design, innovative technology, and performance all rolled into one.

It’s suitable for those who enjoy a responsive drive without compromising on style or comfort.

DS 4 Hatchback Special Edition Leasing

A Special Edition DS 4 Hatchback lease comes with unique design elements like special paint colours and enhanced interior aesthetics.

Further technology upgrades and performance tweaks also make it a desirable option for enthusiasts as well.

DS 7 Diesel Hatchback Leasing

With its powerful diesel engine, a DS 7 Diesel Hatchback lease is designed for drivers who want efficiency and performance.

It features advanced driver assistance systems, a luxurious interior, and a robust engine lineup - ideal for more high-mileage drivers.

DS 7 Hatchback Leasing

A DS 7 Hatchback lease brings you a car that has the luxury to the mid-size segment, offering you a spacious interior, beautiful styling, and smooth handling.

This makes it perfect for families and professionals who demand comfort and style on the road the most.

DS 7 Hatchback Special Edition Leasing

A DS 7 Hatchback Special Edition lease includes exclusive features such as bespoke trim options, advanced multimedia systems, and enhanced driver support systems.

All of which make it tailored for drivers who seek the best of luxury and tech in just one package.

DS 9 Saloon Leasing

A DS 9 Saloon lease gives you high-end French luxury with its beautiful lines, refined powertrain options, and perfect interior.

It also offers you a comfortable cabin, advanced safety features, and impressive performance - setting new standards for a luxury Saloon.

DS 9 Saloon Special Edition Leasing

This Special Edition enhances the luxurious appeal of a DS 9 Saloon lease with exclusive materials, custom colour schemes, and upgraded features that include state-of-the-art infotainment and autonomous driving capabilities.

Flexible Leasing Options

Tailor your lease with customisable terms by choosing your contract length, mileage, and initial payment to match your lifestyle and budget.

With our competitive leasing deals, you can enjoy the luxury of a DS car with minimal commitment and optimal cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance and Support Can Be Included

If you want the maintenance package, you can also drive with peace of mind, knowing that your lease includes comprehensive maintenance and support.

Our team is always here to assist you with any needs or questions during your lease term, from routine servicing to roadside assistance.

No Depreciation Worries

Leasing a DS car with us means you don't have to worry about resale value. Enjoy driving your DS vehicle, and when your lease is up, return it and upgrade to the latest model. It’s that easy!

Exclusive Offers

We frequently update our lease specials to give you the best possible value.

Ready to Start Your DS Journey?

Explore our range, customise your lease, and drive away in your ideal DS car today.

Contact us to find out more about our DS car leases or to arrange a test drive.

Let us help you discover the perfect DS model that fits your style and needs at Fleet Sauce.

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