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Our best FORD lease deals from our trusted funders, all leasing deals are updated by the Fleetsauce pricing team daily.

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Ford Lease Deals Explained

Here at Fleet Sauce, we can provide you with competitive UK Ford leasing deals. So, whether you are looking for the robust Ford S_Max, the sleek and stylish Ford Mustang, or even the family-friendly Ford Explorer, we have the perfect lease to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why Lease a Ford?

As everybody knows, Ford is well known for its reliability, innovation, and value, which are all rolled into one. Consequently, by choosing to lease a Ford, you can enjoy the latest models equipped with advanced technology and safety features without the commitment of fully owning one.

This is because leasing with us allows you to:

Drive a New Model Every Few Years

Stay up-to-date with the newest innovations from Ford without the hassle of selling your old car.

Lower Monthly Payments

Typically, lease payments are more affordable than buying outright - allowing you to enjoy higher-end specifications for the same cost that you would have otherwise.


You can also adapt your lease term and mileage to suit your own lifestyle, with customisable leasing options that put you in control of the car you get.

Peace of Mind

You can also enjoy comprehensive warranty coverage throughout your lease term with no worries about depreciation. At the end of your lease, hand the car back to us and choose a new one - it is as simple as that.

Our Ford Lease Offers Explained

From the more economical city cars to the latest Ford MPVs, our selection of Ford lease deals includes something for everyone that we are sure of.

For instance, you can have:

Ford Focus Estate Leases

A Ford Focus Estate Lease gives you a car that has a spacious interior and extensive luggage space - making it perfect for families and professionals alike.

This car has also been engineered from the ground up for comfort. It offers you a very smooth ride, combined with some of the latest advanced driver-assist technologies, ensuring you get both a very safe yet comfortable car at the same time.

Ford Focus Hatchback Leases

A Ford Focus Hatchback Lease is known for its sharp handling and dynamic driving experience especially.

Compact yet powerful, this Hatchback is ideal for city streets and motorway driving alike. Its cutting-edge technology and stylish interior also make every journey enjoyable and comfortable.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Diesel Estate Leases

A Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Diesel Estate Lease gives you the diesel variation of the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Estate.

Consequently, this car offers you both great performance and economical fuel consumption as well - making it ideal for people who need to go on longer trips regularly.

The spacious cabin and flexible seating arrangements that are also available also make this car very practical for larger families or even groups.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Estate Leases

A Ford Grand Tourneo Connect Estate Lease gives you a car that stands out with its impressive flexibility and space.

It comfortably accommodates up to seven passengers with multiple seating configurations as well.

All-in-all, this makes an excellent choice for anyone needing a car that is practical and one that doesn't compromise on style or comfort while doing so.

Ford Kuga Estate Leases

A Ford Kuga Estate Lease gives you a sleek SUV that features an intelligent all-wheel drive system that adjusts to any terrain. Its eco-friendly engine options also provide you with the power you need when you need it without excess emissions.

The Kuga is also spacious and high-tech, and it is designed to keep you safe and comfortable on any journey.

Ford Mustang Convertible Leases

A Ford Mustang Convertible Lease, on the other hand, brings you a classic American muscle car, while offering you a breathtaking performance combined with the freedom of open-top driving.

With its bold design and powerful engine options, this car will deliver you an exhilarating driving experience while turning heads everywhere it goes - that is for sure.

Ford Mustang Convertible Special Editions Leases

A Ford Mustang Convertible Special Editions Lease further enhances the iconic Mustang with more unique styling and features.

These limited editions include upgraded interiors, exclusive colours, and enhanced performance parts, to name only a few.

Ford Mustang Fastback Leases

With a Ford Mustang Fastback Lease gives you a car that features a great design with amazing performance.

Its aerodynamic profile also ensures a smooth and fast ride, while the interior boasts the latest in technology and comfort.

Ford Mustang Fastback Special Editions Leases

A Ford Mustang Fastback Special Editions Lease gives you a Ford Mustang Fastback that offers you exclusive features.

These can then include bespoke trims, special engines, and unique design elements that capture the meaning of owning an American muscle car.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Estate Leases

A Ford Mustang Mach-E Estate Lease combines the Mustang’s legendary performance with zero emissions, all while offering you a range of impressive features. These can consist of fast charging and advanced digital interfaces, to name only a few. At the same time, they are wrapped up in a sleek, aerodynamic body.

Ford Puma Hatchback Leases

A Ford Puma Hatchback Lease stands out more with its sculpted design and smart utility that it offers you.

This car can also offer you a hybrid powertrain for increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions at the same time - making it both powerful and eco-friendly.

The Puma's innovative 'MegaBox' storage solution also provides you exceptional functionality as well.

Ford Puma Hatchback Special Editions Leases

A Ford Puma Hatchback Special Editions Lease allows you to extend the standard model with more exclusive styling cues and technology enhancements.

These versions, for instance allow you to include more premium materials, to name but one.

Ford S-Max Estate Leases

A Ford S-Max Estate Lease gives you a great MPV that doesn’t sacrifice either style for space.

Comfortable seating for up to seven people provides you with ample room while maintaining a sporty profile.

The S-Max is equipped with advanced safety and entertainment technologies, making it a family car that delivers more than just space.

Ford Tourneo Connect Diesel Estate Leases

A Ford Tourneo Connect Diesel Estate Lease gives you a practical and efficient Multi-purpose Vehicle.

Its diesel engine offers you good distance and low running costs, - which are ideal for both personal and professional use.

The vehicle's flexible seating and generous storage options also make it an excellent choice for those needing variation on a daily basis as well.

Ford Tourneo Connect Estate Leases

A Ford Tourneo Connect Estate Lease provides you with a great combination of comfort, style, and utility all wrapped into 1 vehicle.

This makes it perfect for business or leisure activities, where a spacious interior, modern tech, and efficient engines are all needed.

Ford Tourneo Courier Estate Leases

A Ford Tourneo Courier Estate Lease gives you a very efficient car that is ideal for navigating city streets with ease.

It offers you, for instance, the practicality of a larger MPV with the agility of a smaller car, including efficient space usage and storage solutions - making it perfect for those with active lifestyles or small businesses.

Why Choose Fleet Sauce as Your Leasing Supplier?

At Fleet Sauce, we are committed to providing you with the best possible leasing experience. Here’s why you should lease with us:

Expert Advice

Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through every step of the process and help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Competitive Prices

We negotiate the best deals so that you can benefit from affordable leasing options.

Comprehensive Support

From choosing your new Ford to handling paperwork and delivery, we take care of everything.

Ford Car Leases Overall

So, are you ready to find your perfect Ford lease deal? Browse our leasing selection above, or contact us today to speak with a Ford leasing expert.

Let us help you drive away in your ideal Ford car with a lease plan that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and budget. We are here to help.

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