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Honda Lease Deals Explained

Welcome to our selection of Honda car lease deals. Consequently, if you are looking to drive a brand-new Honda without the commitment of owning it, you have come to the right place.

This is because our leasing options are designed to suit every budget and lifestyle, offering you the flexibility and affordability you need for your next car.

Why Lease a Honda Car?

Honda cars are well renowned for their reliability, advanced technology, and superb fuel efficiency, to name only a few.

So, by choosing to lease, you can enjoy all the benefits of driving a Honda at a fraction of the cost of ownership; plus, when your lease term is up, you can return the car or upgrade to the latest model, hassle-free - it is that simple.

Our Honda Leasing Options

Our Honda car leasing options cover the following models.

Honda Civic Hatchback Leases

A Honda Civic Hatchback lease gives you a car that combines sporty looks with excellent driving ability.

Sharp Handling

Known for its sharp handling and responsive drive, the Civic offers you an exhilarating experience on both city streets and motorways alike. While the interior gives you a great combination of both comfort and technology, as it features lots of advanced connectivity and driver-assistance features.

Spacious Cabin

Furthermore, its cabin is spacious, and it gives you ample boot space, which makes it ideal for both daily commuting and longer journeys alike.

With excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions, the Civic Hatchback is a budget-friendly car, making it a smart choice.

Honda CR-V Estate Leases

A Honda CR-V Estate lease gives you a reliable family-friendly SUV that provides you with ample space, excellent driving position, comfort, and safety all at once.


Its roomy interior also comfortably accommodates five adults, and the ample boot space is perfect for family trips or carrying large items as well.


The CR-V is also equipped with advanced safety features, including collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control systems, to name only two, which help to ensure your peace of mind.


Its all-wheel drive capability also allows you to navigate various terrains and weather conditions confidently. At the same time, its fuel efficiency does not compromise performance - all of which makes the CR-V a convenient choice for those who want to lease a dependable and adaptable family SUV.

Honda e Hatchback Leases

A Honda e Hatchback lease gives you a modern-looking electric vehicle that perfectly combines retro style with some of the latest cutting-edge technology.

City Driving

Designed for city living, its compact size and agile performance make it ideal for navigating tight city streets especially.

Zero Emissions

The Honda E is also equipped with the latest electric motor that delivers instant torque with none of the emissions from a traditional car.


The interior also features advanced technology, including dual touchscreens and a digital dashboard, both of which enhance your connectivity and entertainment options while on the go.

Fast Charging

With a fast charging capability, a Honda E lease will also ensure that you spend more time driving and less time waiting for it to recharge.

Honda E NY1 Hatchback Leases

A Honda E NY1 Hatchback lease gives you a car that has a very sleek design and impressive efficiency and range as a result.

This compact EV offers you quick acceleration and smooth handling, which is especially ideal for city driving.

Battery and Parking

The NY1 also comes with an intelligent battery management system, which helps ensure that you get the maximum range from your battery. Its compact dimensions allow for easy parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces.


Inside, you will find a modern cabin with the latest connectivity options and comfort features, which make every trip more enjoyable.

Honda HR-V Hatchback Leases

A Honda HR-V Hatchback lease strikes that perfect balance between both style and practicality.

Sleek SUV

This compact SUV features a sleek, coupe-like design but with the robustness of a traditional SUV.


Inside the HR-V, you get a great cabin that utilises Honda's Magic Seat system. This system allows for multiple seating and luggage configurations on the go, making it adaptable to all your needs.


It's equipped with efficient engines that provide a responsive and economical drive. At the same time, safety is paramount, with features like lane-keeping assistance and traffic sign recognition, to name but two.

Honda Jazz Hatchback Leases

A Honda Jazz Hatchback lease, on the other hand, stands out with its exceptional space-saving features.

Magic Seats

It does this, for instance, via the Honda's Magic Seats system, which can be configured into various modes - allowing you to maximise your luggage space as a result.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

The Jazz's smooth and comfortable ride makes it ideal for both those daily city errands and longer commutes alike, while its compact size coupled with its interior space ensures that you can also park in tight spots as well

Honda ZR-V Estate Leases

A Honda ZR-V Estate lease gives you a lease car that combines the sleekness of a modern estate with the robustness of an SUV all wrapped into 1 package.


This all-new model also offers you ample interior space, making it perfect for families or anyone needing extra room for gear and luggage as well.


With a strong emphasis on comfort, it provides you with a smooth ride with a robust level of performance.

What Are The Benefits of Leasing a Honda?

Leasing a Honda allows you to drive a new car every few years without the commitment of a full-on purchase.

You can also enjoy lower monthly payments than buying new, less maintenance concerns - as leases also include the manufacturer's warranty period - and you need to simply return it and lease another new model once your lease comes to an end - it is as simple as that.

How Does The Lease Application Process Work?

The lease application process involves:

  • Selecting your preferred Honda model
  • Completing a credit application
  • Discussing leasing terms such as mileage limits and duration

Once approved, you’ll finalise the lease agreement and make the initial rental payment, which typically includes the initial rent you choose.

Can I Customise My Leased Honda?

You can make some minor customisations, like adding accessories. However, more significant modifications that permanently alter the vehicle are not allowed.

What Happens If I Exceed The Mileage Limito On My Leased Honda?

Exceeding the mileage limit on your lease will incur a per-mile charge at the end of your lease term for doing so.

This fee compensates for the decreased resale value of the car due to higher mileage that has accrued over its duration than when first taken out.

Consequently, it is important to estimate your driving needs accurately when setting up your lease to avoid unexpected charges when your lease ends.

Is It Possible to Terminate My Honda Lease Early?

Yes, you can terminate a lease early, but it may involve termination fees.

These fees then help cover the cost of the depreciation that hasn’t yet been paid through monthly lease payments, for instance, and will be set out in your lease contract.

What Insurance Is Required For a Leased Honda?

Leased vehicles require full coverage insurance, which includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

This ensures the vehicle is fully protected.

Get Started Today

Ready to find your perfect Honda lease? Browse our models above and get in touch with our friendly leasing team, who can help guide you through the leasing process today.

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