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The AMG GT ROADSTER is from the MERCEDES-BENZ range of models available. View the full range of lease deals from MERCEDES-BENZ.

Information from the MERCEDES-BENZ AMG GT ROADSTER (more detail is available when you select a vehicle).

Vehicle Leasing is one of the most popular methods of acquiring a vehicle for business & personal needs. It can be an efficient long-term method for leasing a new vehicle without the initial outlay of purchasing or the hassle of trading once it’s time for an upgrade.

We do offer other methods of funding to both established and new businesses, if you need more information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is Leasing?

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Vehicle Leasing is the most popular method of acquiring a vehicle for businesses needs. It is an efficient long term method for hiring a new vehicle without the initial outlay of purchasing or the hassle of trading once it’s time for an upgrade.

During the period of hire you do not own the vehicle at any point, you pay fixed monthly ‘rentals’ and if your company is VAT registered you can reclaim portions of the VAT back (more below). The fixed monthly payments are based on your chosen vehicle, your total mileage over the lease and the end value of the vehicle (Residual Value). The difference between the cost of the vehicle new and the residual value is what you will pay over the term of hire.

At the end of the lease contract the vehicle is simply collected, and you can either choose a new one or just walk away.

Key points of Leasing

  • Contract lengths range from 12 to 60 months
  • Allows for accurate budgeting over the term of hire
  • For some VAT registered businesses 50% of the finance rental VAT and 100% of the Maintenance Rental VAT is reclaimable for cars
  • For some vans 100% VAT can be recovered from maintenance and Finance Rental. In both cases ask your accountant if this applies to you
  • The costs of maintenance, servicing and tyres over the period can be added on to your contract hire rentals
  • Road Fund Licence is covered for the duration of the contract of hire
  • Your vehicle is delivered to you and then collected from you at the end of the contract
  • Appears off Balance Sheet

Things to consider with Leasing

  • If you go over your contracted mileage you will be faced with charges
  • Vehicles handed back with damage will incur a charge for repairs (in accordance with BVRLA "Fair Wear & Tear" Standards)
  • You do not own the vehicle for the duration of the contract
  • If you hand the vehicle back early it will be subject to early termination charges
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24 mths (10,000 miles)
24 mths (10,000 miles)
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