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Why Buy an Electric Car?

Why Buy an Electric Car?

(Posted on 23/01/24)

You may be seeing more and more electric vehicles on the around nowadays. With the government setting net zero targets and many car manufacturers are planning on going fully electric in the coming years. Electric vehicles are here to stay. You may be happy with your combustion engine, so you must be thinking why should I go electric?

The benefits of electric vehicles surpass the commonly acknowledged advantages of reduced emissions and cost-effectiveness. Exploring the world of electric vehicles might initially feel overwhelming, yet we are here to discuss why it is a fantastic choice for you.

Electric cars are more efficient to run than traditional fuel-powered ones, we know this but do you know how efficent. The electric motor in EVs directly turns electricity into motion, making them about 70% efficient right from the start. On the other side, regular cars burn fuel and then convert the heat into motion, which is not as efficient. So, when it comes to the running costs, charging an EV with an average battery (around 57.7kWh) would set you back about £17.31. Compare that to what you are probably spending on filling up your tank, and it is likely a good bit more than £17.31.

We recognise that waiting to charge your vehicle can be inconvenient, particularly if you lack a dedicated overnight charging option. However, the introduction of rapid and ultra-rapid charging points in the UK alleviates this concern, given the increasing accessibility for the public. Furthermore, the government is actively enhancing the public EV charging infrastructure in response to the rising demand for electric vehicles. These efforts aim to facilitate charging for everyone, especially those without home EV charging options.

In terms of maintenance, EVs boast significantly lower costs compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. While combustion engines involve numerous moving parts susceptible to wear and tear, requiring regular maintenance and potential replacements, EVs have far fewer components. Though some maintenance remains necessary, the simplicity of EV design, coupled with cutting-edge technology, results in enhanced performance and considerably reduced maintenance requirements. This not only translates to cost savings but also contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of electric vehicles.

While some may perceive electric cars as lacking excitement, especially due to the absence of traditional engine sounds, the performance of these vehicles is impressive. Take, for instance, the top-tier Tesla Model 3, capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 3.1 seconds. This demonstrates that electric cars not only offer a rapid and exhilarating driving experience but also showcase cutting-edge technology. The interior of these vehicles provides a seamless and user-friendly driving experience, combining advanced features for a pleasurable journey. The evolving world of electric vehicles is proving that excitement and innovation can coexist, redefining the driving experience for enthusiasts.

We get that electric cars can be a bit pricey upfront. So, why not consider leasing with us? We have a bunch of different makes and models available at great prices. Check them out here and find an electric ride that suits your style and budget. Leasing makes it easier to get into the world of electric vehicles without breaking the bank.

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