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Our best KGM lease deals from our trusted funders, all leasing deals are updated by the Fleetsauce pricing team daily.

Fleetsauce always offer the most competitive lease rates on all makes and models which will include the manufacturer’s warranty, road tax, breakdown cover and nationwide delivery.

If you find that our pricing is not as competitive as another offer you have seen, then please contact us and our pricing team will investigate.


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KGM Car Leasing Deals Explained

At Fleetsauce, we have a wide selection of KGM Lease Deals available and are dedicated to providing you with the best KGM car leasing options across the UK.

So, whether you are looking for a personal lease for your daily commute or a fleet of vehicles for your business, we have the expertise and the offers available to meet your individual needs.


Our KGM car leasing options cover the following models.

KGM Korando Estate Leases

A KGM Korando Estate lease gives you a great family car that offers you ample space and comfort.

Consequently, this car is perfect for those who need a reliable SUV for your daily commutes and weekend getaways.

With its roomy interior, you can easily fit your shopping, pushchairs, or sporting gear inside it. It also comes with modern safety features and efficient engine options.

KGM Rexton Diesel Estate Leases

A KGM Rexton Diesel Estate Lease gets you a car built for durability and performance especially.

Ideal for those who love strong, robust engines and 4x4 capabilities in their SUVs, this car is right for you.

Furthermore, this car offers a spacious cabin and a large boot, making it suitable for large families or those needing to transport heavy loads.

KGM Tivoli Hatchback Leases

A KGM Tivoli Hatchback lease gets you a compact and stylish car that's perfect for city driving.

This is in part because its compact size offers excellent manoeuvrability and easy parking. Despite its smaller dimensions, though, the Tivoli Hatchback doesn't compromise on space and provides a very comfortable ride for both you and your passengers.

KGM Torres Estate Leases

A KGM Torres Estate lease gives you a car that is designed for both practicality and efficiency simultaneously.

For instance, it offers you a spacious interior that can easily accommodate your family's needs, sports equipment, or even just bulky items.

KGM Torres EVX Electric Estate Leases

A KGM Torres EVX Electric Estate Lease gives you an all-electric car.

As a result, it offers you a very silent and smooth driving experience, with instant torque available from the electric motor when you need it the most.

How to Lease a KGM Car?

Getting your next leased KGM car is really simple, just:

  • Step 1 - Browse our leasing options online to find your ideal car
  • Step 2 - Speak to our experts for advice and tailor your lease deal
  • Step 3 - Finalise your lease agreement with one of our agents
  • Step 4 - Your car is delivered straight to your door

What is car leasing, and how does it differ from buying a car?

Car leasing is a financial agreement where you pay to use a car for a specified period, typically 2-4 years, without owning it.

Unlike buying a car, where you pay the full price to own it outright, leasing only involves paying for the depreciation of the car during the lease term, plus any interest and fees.

This gives you lower monthly payments compared to financing a car purchase directly.

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