A Volkswagen VW ID.5 lease gets you a coupe electric car from the Volkswagen range of models available. View the full range of lease offers and deals from Volkswagen.


VOLKSWAGEN ID.5 COUPE Business Personal Action
210kW Match Pro 77kWh 5dr Auto£310.38 ex VAT
24 mths (5,000 miles)
£372.45 inc VAT
24 mths (5,000 miles)
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210kW Style Pro 77kWh 5dr Auto£454.28 ex VAT
48 mths (5,000 miles)
£545.14 inc VAT
48 mths (5,000 miles)
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250kW GTX 77kWh 4Motion AWD 5dr Auto£463.86 ex VAT
48 mths (5,000 miles)
£556.63 inc VAT
48 mths (5,000 miles)
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With a VW ID5 lease deal, you will discover this amazing family car, that could easily be your next perfect car. This is because our lease contracts for this vehicle - regardless of it being the ID.5 Pro, or the top of the range new Volkswagen ID GTX model, that you are most interested in - gets you a EV vehicle that comes packed full of interior style, quick charging, and an all-electric Volkswagen Coupe - which is part of the VW's latest ID full electric range.

Consequently, our Volkswagen ID5 special offer leasing options get you a car that is perfect as both a long distance driver, or a city car alike. They also make it easier than ever for you to get behind the wheel of what is a stylish fully electric car with a range of up to 342 miles and a 0-62mph time of only 6.7 seconds - making it very quick.

So, whether you're looking for an ID 5 private lease or more of a ID5 business leasing offer, we have the perfect solution for you.

See the ID5 in Action

Why Choose A VW ID 5 Lease Deals?

The Volkswagen ID.5 Coupe is designed for those who demand both performance and a long-range in their daily commuter.

With its sleek coupe design, advanced electric technology, and zero emissions — which makes it ideal for Zero-Emission Zones — the ID.5 really does offer you an unparalleled driving experience.

ID5 Charging

When it comes to charging, the ID5 comes with a rapid charger, and with a good battery size of 82 kWh. This battery pack is then capable of giving you an impressive range on a full charge of up to 342 miles, with a power output of 335 HP.

Salary Sacrifice

This car can even qualify for salary sacrifice on it, as well, if that is something of interest to you.

What Types of ID5 Can I Lease From You?

We stock all the latest models of this electric vehicle, and trims of the ID5 including:

ID 5 grey rear

What Cars Compare to the ID5?

There are a number of cars that compare to the ID5, including:

Benefits of Leasing an ID.5 Coupe

Leasing the Volkswagen ID.5 Coupe gives you many benefits, such as allowing you to enjoy lower monthly payments compared to purchasing one outright, flexible contract terms to match your budget, not having to worry about depreciation of the car over time, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is covered under a full manufacturers warranty - so if things go wrong under the warranty you know you are covered without costly fees.

Plus, with our competitive lease deals, driving an ID.5 Coupe has never been more affordable for you to rent a brand-new ID.5, it is as simple as that really.

Flexible Leasing Options

We offer a range of flexible leasing options for the ID5. Such as personal / private, suited for businesses, and even company fleets, all to suit your individual / company needs.

So, whether you need a short-term lease with a contract length of 24 months or a long-term contract hire of 5 years, our leasing team is here to help you find the best lease deal for you.

For instance, you can choose from various annual mileage allowances and easily tailor your lease to fit your lifestyle or company requirements.

What is Included in the Volkswagen ID.5 lease?

Our Volkswagen ID.5 leases include:

Furthermore, our additional maintenance packages can be added to your lease agreement to cover your servicing costs.

Can I Choose the Specifications of My Volkswagen ID.5 Lease?

Of course, you can select the trim level, colour, model and any additional features you want for your Volkswagen ID.5 lease.

How Long Can I Lease a Volkswagen ID.5 for?

Regardless if you are looking for a private or a company car lease, our Volkswagen ID.5 leasing options range from 24 to 48 months, and you can choose the lease term that best suits your needs.

Are There Mileage Limits on the Volkswagen ID.5 Lease?

Our lease cars come with a mileage limit, and you can select your desired mileage allowance when you sign your lease.

Please note that exceeding the limit may result in additional charges, so please consider the number of miles you will be doing in your ID5 throughout the contract hire.

What Happens at the End of the Volkswagen ID.5 Lease?

At the end of your lease term, we will pick up your lease vehicle, and you can then choose to lease a new car or walk away. It is as easy as that.

Do I Need to Pay a Deposit for the Volkswagen ID.5 Lease?

Yes, there is an initial rental price. However, you can choose this amount from a select number of options to make sure the total payment aligns with your exact budget.

Can I End My Volkswagen ID.5 Lease Early?

Ending your lease early may be possible, but it usually involves paying an early termination fee.

Is Insurance Included in the Volkswagen ID.5 Lease?

Insurance is not included in the lease, so you will need to arrange your own insurance for the Volkswagen ID.5 for the duration of your lease.

What Maintenance is Required for the Volkswagen ID.5 During the Lease?

Regular maintenance, as recommended by the manufacturer, is required to keep the Volkswagen ID.5 in good condition, such as annual servicing. You can also choose to include a maintenance package in your lease to cover these costs.

ID 5 interior

What Are Some of the ID5's Main Features?

The ID5 comes packed full of technology and design elements, with some of the main ones of note being:

How Do I Lease a Volkswagen ID.5?

Finding your perfect ID5 car leasing deal, could not be easier as all you need to do is:

Step 1: Choose Your Volkswagen ID.5

Start by selecting the Volkswagen ID.5 model that best suits your needs, and consider your lease type - whether you are after a personal contract hire or a business contract hire - as we have a competitive rate to suit your requirements.

For this step, consider things such as trim level, colour, and any additional features you might want.

Our vehicle leasing team is also more than happy to help you understand the options available and assist you in making the best choice for your lifestyle.

Step 2: Select Your Lease Terms

Next, you need to decide on the length of your lease, the initial payment you want to make, and the mileage allowance that fits your driving habits.

This step ensures your car lease deal is tailored to your requirements.

Step 3: Review and Finalise Your Lease Agreement

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle and lease terms, it’s time to review the lease agreement, which will include a section on fair wear and tear, regardless of it being a business or personal lease you are after.

This contract will outline the terms of your lease, including monthly payments, mileage limits, and any additional costs.

Our team will then guide you through the details to ensure everything is clear and satisfactory.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Submit your lease application for approval. This process typically involves a credit check, and a small processing fee.

But do not worry; our leasing team will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork and ensure you get a smooth approval process.

Step 5: Arrange for Delivery

Once your lease application is approved, we will then arrange for the free delivery of your brand-new car at a time and day that suits you.

We are proud to offer flexible quick delivery options that suit your schedule as well.

Why Lease with Us?

As a leading leasing company in the UK, we pride ourselves on offering you high-quality customer service and competitive lease deals.

We even make the leasing process simple, ensuring you drive away with your new ID.5 Coupe with ease and confidence as quickly as you can - at the end of the day, we are here to help you.

Who is Fleet Sauce?

Fleet Sauce Building externalHere at Fleet Sauce, we have a large team of leasing experts in car and van leasing at our leasing company based in Wrexham, Wales, in the UK. We have a large leasing team and can handle significant enterprise-level business contract hires, where you need a dedicated account manager for your fleet cars and private individual personal lease deals alike.

Consequently, Fleet Sauce Ltd is a Credit Broker and not a Lender that is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration no 676763.

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