These VW ID.Buzz lease deals are from the electric Volkswagen ID range of models available, and you can view some of the best electric cars from the full range of lease deals from Volkswagen here.

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VOLKSWAGEN ID.BUZZ ESTATE 150kW Life Pro 77kWh 5dr Auto
£2,575.53 initial ex VAT
24 month contract
5,000 miles per annum

p/m ex VAT

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VOLKSWAGEN ID.BUZZ ESTATE 150kW Style Pro 77kWh 5dr Auto
£3,089.97 initial ex VAT
24 month contract
5,000 miles per annum

p/m ex VAT

VOLKSWAGEN ID.BUZZ ESTATE Business Personal Action
150kW Life Pro 77kWh 5dr Auto£286.17 ex VAT
24 mths (5,000 miles)
£343.40 inc VAT
24 mths (5,000 miles)
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150kW Style Pro 77kWh 5dr Auto£343.33 ex VAT
24 mths (5,000 miles)
£411.99 inc VAT
24 mths (5,000 miles)
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With our Volkswagen ID Buzz leases, you can find the perfect leasing deal for this classic electric van design that has been combined with a thoroughly modern electric engine, which makes an ideal family car / campervan as a result.

Consequently, our Volkswagen ID.Buzz leases are ideal for families and businesses alike looking for the best price available, as well as those who are looking for a 7-seat electric car lease option where they can spread the car over monthly rental payments. At the same time, it offers you plenty of space on the interior, with cutting-edge features, a touchscreen infotainment system, driver assistance features, trim levels, and zero emissions - which is ideal for congestion zone areas.

ID Buzz rear doors interior

See the VW ID Buzz in Action

Low Monthly Payments

With our leasing company's special offer lease options, you can enjoy a wide range of buzz business and private leasing deals with affordable monthly payments and included maintenance packages.

Why Choose the ID Buzz?

The Volkswagen ID Buzz is a great practical vehicle with a 77 kWh battery that has a range of around 258 miles on a full charge, with the iconic design of the classic VW Microbus.

So, whether you're looking for your next perfect car, an EV, a family vehicle, or even a stylish van for business use, the ID Buzz really has something to offer you with this electric MPV.

VW Buzz Key Features

With a range of around 260 miles on a single charge thanks to its excellent electric powertrain, as a result, the ID Buzz ensures you can go further on just pure electricity alone.

Iconic Design

Inspired by the original VW Microbus, the ID Buzz features a modern yet very nostalgic design that turns heads wherever you go.

Spacious Interior

With plenty of room for passengers and luggage alike, the ID Buzz is perfect for family trips, weekend adventures, or even just as your daily commuter van.


Enjoy cutting-edge features like autonomous driving capabilities, an augmented reality head-up display, and a very intuitive and responsive infotainment system.

ID Buzz interior

Packed Full of Features

The ID Buzz comes packed full of features, including:

ID Buzz MPV Models Available

We have lease options for the following ID Buzz models.

ID Buzz Range and Charging

The ID Buzz can be charged from 20% to 80% in as little as 30 minutes and has a range of 258 miles on a full charge.

VW Buzz Leasing Options

We can offer you flexible leasing plans to suit your needs and budget, so whether you need a short-term lease for a 24-month contract length or a long-term plan for 48 months, we have options that will work for you.

Our leasing plans can also include:

Competitive Monthly Payments

Affordable rates that make driving the ID Buzz accessible to all.

Flexible Lease Terms

Choose from a range of brand-new car lease durations to fit your lifestyle.

Maintenance Included

Enjoy worry-free vehicle leasing with maintenance, breakdown cover and support packages that can be added.

Easy Upgrade

Stay ahead with the latest new vehicle models by efficiently upgrading at the end of your lease term.

How to Lease a Volkswagen ID Buzz

Leasing an ID Buzz is really easy. All you need to do is explore our extensive range of Volkswagen ID Buzz models above and choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Step 2 - Customize Your Lease &amp Initial Payment

Now that you have selected your model, you need to select the lease terms that work best for you. Choose the duration of your lease, your initial rental amount, and the annual mileage allowance that suits your driving habits and if you are after a business lease or a private lease, as we offer flexible options to ensure your lease fits your needs and budget.

When choosing your annual mileage, you should consider how many miles you will drive each year, as excess mileage charges can apply if you go over the contracted amount.

Step 3 - Get A Quote Online

Complete our quick enquiry form by filling out our online application form to get you the best deal possible.

Step 4 - Get Approved

Our customer service team will then contact you to review your application, which may require a credit check. Once approved, we will guide you through the final steps, including any additional paperwork and monthly payment arrangements. Please note that we do have a small arrangement fee at this stage.

Step 5 - Get Your ID Buzz Delivered to You

Once the car lease deal contract is signed, you only need to schedule a convenient time to have your brand-new ID Buzz sent to you with free delivery.

Step 6 - Upgrade at the end of the Lease

At the end of your lease, we will inspect the car for damage and note anything above fair wear and tear. You then have the option to upgrade to the latest model or choose a new city car altogether.

Similar Cars to the ID Buzz?

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ID Buzz exterior

Salary Sacrifice for the Volkswagen ID Buzz

If you are looking for the best offer on an electric lease with a personal contract hire, consider opting for a salary sacrifice scheme for your ID Buzz - and make the Volkswagen ID Buzz personal lease deals even more affordable as a result.

This tax-efficient arrangement allows you to pay for your lease directly from your salary before tax - reducing your overall taxable income, for instance.

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is, in essence, an agreement between you and your employer where you give up a portion of your pre-tax salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit - in this case, the lease of a new car, or Volkswagen ID Buzz.

Which, in turn, can significantly reduce the cost of driving a new electric vehicle.

Benefits of Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice offers you many benefits, including:

Tax Savings

It allows you to lower your taxable income and reduce your National Insurance contributions.

Cost Efficiency

Enjoy a new, eco-friendly vehicle at a reduced cost through pre-tax deductions that help you reduce your running costs as a result.

All-Inclusive Package

Most salary sacrifice schemes include maintenance, insurance, and road tax, providing a hassle-free driving experience.

How It Works

Salary Sacrifice works by:

Step 1 - Employer Agreement

Check if your employer offers a salary sacrifice scheme. If not, discuss the possibility of setting one up.

Step 2 - Choose Your ID.Buzz MPV

Select the Volkswagen ID Buzz model that suits your needs from our range of options.

Step 3 - Calculate Savings

Contact us to calculate how much you can save compared to a traditional lease.

Sign the Agreement

Agree on the salary amount to be sacrificed and sign the necessary paperwork with your employer.

Enjoy Your ID Buzz

Start driving your new Volkswagen ID Buzz with the peace of mind that comes with an all-inclusive package and significant cost savings.

Other Vehicles That Compare to the ID Buzz

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Consequently, Fleet Sauce Ltd is a Credit Broker and not a Lender that is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration no 676763.

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So, are you ready to experience the Volkswagen ID Buzz? Contact our leasing specialists today to learn more about our personal car leasing offers company fleet cars, or business leases, to check vehicle availability, along with which models we have in stock currently, and let them help you with our dedicated leasing guides to find the right car for you and your individual budget.

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