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Volvo Car Leasing Explained

Leasing a car, especially a Volvo, offers you a large array of benefits and conveniences to drivers who want to prioritise flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the opportunity to drive a new vehicle every few years.

World-renowned for their safety and design, Volvo cars always stand out as a number one choice for lease agreements.

Why Choose a Volvo for Your Next Lease?

Volvo cars are well known for their high safety awards and luxury.

Renowned for their commitment to protecting both occupants and pedestrians alike, Volvo has consistently pushed the boundaries of automotive technology to give you cars that are not only safe but also comfortable to be in, environmentally friendly, and packed with advanced features.

All this combined makes Volvo cars some of the most sought-after vehicles for leasing on the market today.

Understanding the Leasing Process

Leasing a Volvo involves several steps, from selecting your preferred model to understanding the financial aspects.

These steps can be broken down into:

Initial Consultation

Talk with our team so we understand your needs and preferences regarding what you are after.

Vehicle Selection

We can then offer you a wide range of vehicles based on your requirements and budget.

Credit Check

A Credit Check then commonly occurs to determine your eligibility and terms.

Lease Agreement

Next comes the lease agreement. This is drafted and then put in place, outlining terms, duration, mileage limits, and monthly payments.


You then send us the necessary paperwork, including your identification and financial documents.


Once the paperwork and documentation have all been checked, you will then need to read over and sign the lease agreement - and any additional paperwork.


Now that the lease has been agreed upon for your new Volvo, a delivery date will be arranged for the delivery of your leased vehicle to the customer.

Customer Support

Once the car has been delivered, we can then provide you with ongoing support throughout the lease term, addressing any questions or concerns.

Customising Your Volvo Lease

When it comes to our Volvo leases, we can offer you a wide range of models and customisation options to suit your various tastes and needs.

Whether you are drawn to the robustness of an SUV, the size of a Saloon, or the efficiency of a hybrid, we can then find the best Volvo for your requirements.

The Volvo Model Lineup for Leasing

From sleek saloons to SUVs for any purpose, to eco-friendly hybrids, Volvo's lineup offers you a wide range of preferences.

Some of the most noteworthy ones are:

Volvo C40 Estate Leasing

Stylish and compact, the Volvo C40 Estate offers you an electric powertrain for efficient driving. While its sleek design ensures that you get a very distinctive presence on the road.

Its interior then boasts some of the most advanced technology available, and it furthermore offers luxury interior comfort—ideal for eco-conscious drivers.

Volvo EX30 Estate Leasing

The Volvo EX30 Estate is perfect for city living, looking for a compact size car without sacrificing on interior space.

Its electric engine then provides you with a silent, zero-emission ride, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective for city commuting and parking.

Volvo EX90 Estate Leasing

With its spacious interior and advanced safety features, the Volvo EX90 Estate is ideal for families.

While its electric powertrain ensures a quieter, smoother ride with lower operating costs, its robust design offers you both reliability and durability simultaneously for those long journeys.

Volvo S60 Saloon Leasing

The Volvo S60 Saloon combines both luxury with performance.

Its comfortable interior, cutting-edge safety features, and efficient engines make it an excellent choice for professionals seeking a stylish, safe, and enjoyable driving experience from their next Saloon.

Volvo S90 Saloon Leasing

The Volvo S90 Saloon offers you a gorgeous design, spacious interior, and advanced technology.

All of these make it perfect for those who value comfort and safety without compromising on performance - making every journey a luxurious experience.

Volvo V90 Diesel Estate Leasing

For those who need power and efficiency, the Volvo V90 Diesel Estate provides you with both.

For instance, it offers you generous space, comfort, and advanced safety features - along with the efficiency and torque of a diesel engine, making it ideal for long drives and heavy loads alike.

Volvo V90 Estate Leasing

The Volvo V90 Estate then combines luxury with practicality.

Its spacious interior, advanced safety systems, and refined design make it a top choice for both families and professionals alike, offering you a comfortable and secure driving experience.

Volvo XC40 Electric Estate Leasing

Eco-friendly and stylish, the Volvo XC40 Electric Estate provides you with a zero-emission drive without sacrificing power or luxury.

Its compact size makes it perfect for city driving, while its interior offers you advanced technology and comfort simultaneously.

Volvo XC40 Estate Leasing

The Volvo XC40 Estate is an SUV that offers you style, comfort, and safety all at once.

Its compact size also makes it easy to manoeuvre, while its spacious interior and advanced features make it an excellent choice for both city and countryside adventures as well.

Volvo XC60 Estate Leasing

Offering you a perfect balance of both luxury combined with practicality, the Volvo XC60 Estate features advanced safety technology, a comfortable and spacious interior, and efficient engine options - making it ideal for families and long-distance drivers alike.

Volvo XC90 Estate Leasing

The Volvo XC90 Estate is the top of the line when it comes to luxury and safety.

Its spacious and refined interior, combined with advanced safety features and efficient powertrains, makes it an ideal choice for those who demand the best in class and comfort.

Volvo Car Leasing Overall

So, let's wrap up by summarising the benefits of leasing a Volvo - helping you consider whether it aligns with your lifestyle and driving needs is a must.

Whether you are attracted by the prospect of driving a new car every few years, the financial flexibility, or Volvo's reputation for safety and quality, leasing offers a compelling proposition.

Ready to see if Volvo leasing is right for you?

If you are ready to see if Volvo car leasing is right for you contact our team today.

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