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5 ways drivers can become eco friendly

5 ways drivers can become eco friendly

(Posted on 06/09/18)

We all need to be eco-friendlier according to the headlines and drivers with gas guzzling machines are often targeted by the press.


Saving the environment is a hot topic but although drivers are sometimes given a bad name, there are ways to turn you into an eco-warrior behind the wheel. Here are five ways to save the planet on your daily commute.


Take your foot off the gas

How you drive can have a big impact on the fuel economy of your car and in turn the amount of emissions pumped into the atmosphere. Continually accelerating and braking will impact on the amount of fuel used. Slow and steady will give the best results. It’s simple - keep to the recommended speed limit and you’ll burn less fuel. For those lead-footed drivers, figures from the Department for Transport show that you will use up to 9% more fuel driving at 70mph than you would at 60mph and travelling at 80mph can use up to 25% more fuel than at 70mph. Time to ease of the pedal?


Lighten the load

Carrying a heavy load will increase the weight of the vehicle and the amount of fuel used. So, if you’re lugging around extra cargo, now’s the time to ditch it.

If you still have a roof box attached from this summer’s camping trip this also needs to be stowed in the garage. Not only does it add to the weight of the car but it also increases the drag on the car, another fuel burner.

Some eco campaigners advise against filling the petrol tank to full as the fuel is another extra load of weight on the car. We’re not sure the extra trips to the petrol station would be worth it on this one!


Don’t leave the engine running 

An obvious point but many motorists are guilty of this one. Leaving the engine idle for a minute or two is bound to use more fuel. Nipping to the shops and leaving the engine on so a passenger can listen to the radio is a sure gas guzzler. Stop Start technology in a lot of newer models tackles this but for the rest of us, it’s time to switch off the engine while we’re stationary for more than a minute or two.


Ditch the electronics

Any electronic devices deplete fuel reserves, but I bet if we’d tried to persuade you to ditch the air-con this summer we would have been in for a frosty response. Any in-car device which uses electricity for power will increase fuel use. Aside from air-con there’s a host of devices you can switch off including heated seats, the radio, heated windscreen, headlights, fog lights, demisters, sat nav, the list goes on. Anything electrical which you’re not using – switch it off!


Maintain your vehicle

Something to remember – if you don’t service your vehicle and keep it in tip top condition, it can affect the fuel economy. Ensure oil levels are correct as a well-maintained vehicle will run better. Under-inflated tyres are a prime example of unnecessary fuel use, if they’re not pumped up enough the tyres create more resistance and in turn burn more fuel. Keep to your service schedule on your vehicle if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.


On a final note, try walking more, short distances can be done on foot - it not only saves on fuel but will keep you healthy too!


A range of environmentally friendly vehicles are available through Fleetsauce including hybrids and electric vehicles. If you’re looking for a lease car which is as kind to the environment as you are, try

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