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Embracing the Future: A Sneak Peek at the Most Anticipated Cars of 2024

Embracing the Future: A Sneak Peek at the Most Anticipated Cars of 2024

(Posted on 05/01/24)

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, the industry has navigated through challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and the complexities of the war in Ukraine, emerging with resilience and a forward-looking perspective. As we kick off 2024, the UK's car enthusiasts are in for an exhilarating ride with a diverse and exciting lineup of vehicles, embracing the shift towards electric while still offering efficient combustion-engine options.

For those embarking on the quest for a new ride in 2024, Fleetsauce, the car leasing experts, present a curated list of 11 captivating cars destined to make waves on our roads. Get ready to immerse yourself in the future of driving, where innovation and style converge.

Unveiling the Lineup:

  1. Volkswagen ID.7
  2. Cupra Tavascan
  3. Renault Scenic E-Tech
  4. MG Cyberster
  5. Polestar 4
  6. Mini Cooper E
  7. Ora Next Cat
  8. Smart #3
  9. Ford Puma EV
  10. Renault 5
  11. Hyundai Santa Fe

Each car on this list brings its own flair to the table, from cutting-edge technology to sleek designs and sustainable features. Join us as we journey through the exciting possibilities that 2024 holds for the automotive world, embracing adaptability and a commitment to delivering an extraordinary driving experience.

1. Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation takes centre stage with the introduction of the ID.7, and at its heart lies a groundbreaking feature – the new ID. Display. Redefining the driving experience, this intuitive operating concept transforms your ID.7 into a cutting-edge smart device, setting new standards in automotive technology.

At the forefront is a remarkable 15-inch screen display, providing seamless access to essential functions. The homescreen is not just a static interface; it's a customisable hub where users can configure individual favourites and incorporate a myriad of applications, enhancing the overall user experience.

The ID.7 takes connectivity to a new level by integrating air conditioning controls into the first level of the infotainment system. This forward-thinking design ensures that the different functions of the innovative air conditioning concept are readily visible on the expansive display. Users can effortlessly activate and personalise air conditioning settings, tailoring the in-car climate to their preferences.

What truly sets the ID. Display apart is its responsive voice command capabilities. Imagine simply saying, "Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold!" and witnessing the intelligent response. The ID.7 springs into action, initiating the steering wheel heating function while directing warm air towards your hands. It's a personalised and hands-free approach to in-car comfort, elevating the driving experience to unprecedented levels.

The ID.7 is not merely a vehicle; it's a convergence of automotive engineering and smart technology, promising a journey where every aspect of your drive is seamlessly integrated and effortlessly controlled. With the ID. Display, Volkswagen paves the way for a future where your car becomes a personalised, responsive smart companion on the road.

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2. Cupra Tavascan

CUPRA's electric revolution takes center stage with the CUPRA Tavascan concept, a powerful, all-electric SUV set to hit roads in 2024. Riding on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group, this sleek coupe SUV is designed and developed in Barcelona, showcasing CUPRA's commitment to an electrified future.

Key Features:

  1. Performance and Range: Dual motors provide 225kW to all four wheels, powered by a 77kWh battery for a range of up to 450km—delivering an aerodynamic drive with zero emissions.

  2. Exterior Sophistication: The exterior blends a petrol blue matte finish, full LED headlights, and carbon fibre details, with an illuminated CUPRA logo and 22" turbine alloy wheels for a dynamic and futuristic appeal.

  3. Aerodynamics and Interior Comfort: Streamlined aerodynamics are complemented by a lightweight, carbon-fibre interior. 3D leather relief bucket seats, integrated speakers, and adaptive space design ensure a comfortable and technologically advanced interior.

  4. Cockpit and Infotainment: A 12.3" digital cockpit and a shift-able 13" infotainment display redefine the driving experience, with smartphone connectivity seamlessly integrated.

The CUPRA Tavascan concept boldly redefines the future of electric vehicles, showcasing CUPRA's vision for innovation and setting new standards in the electric driving landscape.

3. Renault Scenic E-Tech

Renault introduces the Scenic E-Tech, a groundbreaking electric vehicle that redefines family travel with its powerful performance and innovative features.

Key Highlights:

  1. Dynamic Performance: The Scenic E-Tech boasts an impressive 220 horsepower, providing a dynamic and responsive driving experience powered by its advanced 100% electric powertrain.

  2. Extended Driving Range: With a remarkable driving range of up to 379 miles, the Scenic E-Tech offers an extensive reach on a single charge, ensuring worry-free family journeys and making it a standout choice in the electric vehicle landscape.

  3. Futuristic Technology: Equipped with the openR link system featuring Google integration and over 50 apps, the Scenic E-Tech provides an intuitive and connected driving experience. The two openR screens, spanning 774 cm², deliver a futuristic and user-friendly interface for both driver and passengers.

  4. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Safety is paramount, and the Scenic E-Tech incorporates 30 ADAS features to enhance driver safety and convenience. From adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assistance, these technologies ensure a secure and enjoyable family travel experience.

  5. Spacious Boot Capacity: Practicality meets innovation with a spacious 545 L boot capacity, offering ample storage for family belongings and ensuring a comfortable journey for all.

Renault has truly reinvented the driving experience with the Scenic E-Tech, prioritising comfort, well-being, and cutting-edge technology. This electric marvel is not just a car; it's a lifestyle choice designed to seamlessly integrate into the lives of modern families.

4. MG Cyberster

Prepare for a revolution in the electric sports car arena – introducing the MG Cyberster. This all-electric drop-top, anticipated to launch in the summer of 2024, promises to blend classic charm with cutting-edge innovation.

Key Highlights:

  1. Award-Winning Anticipation: The MG Cyberster is generating excitement as an eagerly anticipated electric sports car set to redefine the driving experience in 2024.

  2. Classic Design, Modern Flair: Inspired by iconic MG sports cars of the '70s, the Cyberster boasts a retro design with distinctive scissor doors – a contemporary twist on British sports car heritage.

  3. Dynamic Stance: While slightly larger than classic British sports cars, the Cyberster shares a size profile with the modern Jaguar F-Type. Its purposeful stance promises an agile and thrilling driving experience.

  4. Innovative Interior: Inside, the Cyberster offers a driver-centric cabin with three screens wrapping around the driver and an optional futuristic yoke steering wheel. The interior design is focused on seamlessly integrating technology with the joy of driving.

  5. Thrilling Performance: Although specific details on motors and batteries are still in development, the Cyberster is expected to feature a single-motor rear-wheel-drive model with around 300 horsepower. Additionally, a dual-motor version with all-wheel-drive is rumored to boast a formidable 530 horsepower, ensuring an electrifying 0-60mph in under 3.0 seconds.

The MG Cyberster isn't just a car; it's a statement, combining the nostalgia of classic MG sports cars with the exhilaration of modern electric technology. As it gears up for a summer release in 2024, the Cyberster is poised to redefine the thrill of drop-top driving for electric car enthusiasts.

5. Polestar 4

Polestar 4, the electric SUV coupé, is set to redefine the driving experience with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

Key Features:

  1. Futuristic Design Integration: Blending the aerodynamics of a coupé with the spaciousness of an SUV, Polestar 4 challenges conventional views. A rear-facing HD camera replaces the rear window, enhancing visibility and transforming the exterior.

  2. Panoramic Interior Experience: The stretched panoramic roof creates a light, airy, and spacious interior for all occupants, emphasising a modern and roomy design.

  3. Optimised Exterior Form: Polestar's design language ensures a sleek, aerodynamic profile, optimised for electric power, featuring a low, sporty front, rear aero blades, and a flat floor for enhanced efficiency.

  4. Digital Ecosystem Integration: Google built-in seamlessly integrates Polestar 4 into the driver's digital world, with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Home as standard features.

  5. Next-Level Sustainability: Polestar 4 embodies sustainability with responsibly sourced materials, reduced emissions, transparency, and a commitment to circular design principles.

  6. Thoughtful Interior Features: Solar system-inspired ambient lighting, multi-angle reclining rear seats, and optional ventilated massage seats in the front elevate the driving experience to new levels of comfort.

  7. Understated Yet Distinctive Presence: Maintaining an understated exterior, Polestar 4 offers optional colour-matched lower cladding for a distinctive and powerful road presence.

As Polestar unveils the Polestar 4, it heralds a new era in electric luxury, combining visionary design with sustainability and state-of-the-art technology.

6. Mini Cooper E

Experience the next level of joy with the MINI Electric hatchback, seamlessly blending iconic MINI charm with electric efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Instant Torque, Zero Emissions: Enjoy instant torque, racing from 0-62mph in just 7.3 seconds, all while emitting zero driving emissions.

  2. Sophisticated Interior Touches: MINI Navigation for live traffic updates, a digital dashboard, and meticulous interior details redefine your driving experience.

  3. Effortless Charging, Anywhere: With a 145-mile range, charging is a breeze – plug in at home or access over 11,000 public charging points on the go.

  4. Cost-Effective and Sustainable: Save big on energy costs – up to three quarters cheaper, costing as little as 5p per mile, plus government grants and reduced maintenance.

  5. Personalised Style for You: Express yourself with a variety of paint colours and a new multitone roof option. Tailor your MINI Electric to match your lifestyle.

Step into the future of driving joy with MINI Electric. Embrace the thrill of sustainable driving!

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7. GWM ORA Next Cat

Great Wall Motors (GWM), a prominent player in the automotive industry, is set to make a bold statement with the upcoming ORA Next Cat. This fully electric saloon promises to redefine elegance in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape.

Key Features Anticipated:

  1. Stylish Exterior Presence: The ORA Next Cat is poised to turn heads with its stylish exterior, embodying GWM's commitment to cutting-edge design and aesthetics in the world of electric saloons.

  2. Premium Interior Experience: Step inside the ORA Next Cat to experience a premium interior cabin. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the cabin promises sophistication and comfort.

  3. Cutting-Edge Specifications: While comprehensive details are eagerly awaited, initial insights hint at impressive specifications. Anticipate a potential range of up to 300 miles (WLTP), a 4WD configuration with dual motors, and a robust power output of around 400PS with 680NM of torque. The result? A swift 0-62mph time of just over 4.4 seconds.

  4. Advanced Technology Integration: As part of GWM's dedication to innovation, the ORA Next Cat is likely to boast advanced technology features. Expect a blend of connectivity, infotainment, and driver-assistance systems to enhance the overall driving experience.

  5. Sustainability and Efficiency: GWM's commitment to sustainability shines through in the electric domain. The ORA Next Cat is expected to be a testament to eco-friendly driving without compromising on performance.

As anticipation builds for the official launch, GWM enthusiasts and EV aficionados alike eagerly await the complete unveiling of the ORA Next Cat. Stay tuned for more details on pricing, specifications, and the official launch date, as GWM continues to shape the future of electric mobility.

8. Smart #3

Get ready for a new era of urban mobility with the upcoming Smart #3—an all-electric car that effortlessly blends style, performance, and efficiency. Here's a glimpse of what makes the Smart #3 a game-changer in the world of compact electric vehicles:

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Design for Action: The Smart #3 is not just electric; it's about action. Strong, sharp lines and athletic curves not only make a powerful visual impression but also improve aerodynamics, reduce drag, and enhance the car's overall range.

  2. Impressive Range and Rapid Charging: With a maximum range of 283 miles (WLTP), the Smart #3 is ready for your urban adventures. Charging is a breeze, with a less-than-30-minute charging time (10-80% at 150 kW DC), ensuring you're swiftly back on the road for your next journey.

  3. Sporty and Stylish: The Smart #3 brings a sporty vibe to urban driving. Packed with stylish details and useful features, this go-getter looks as good as it feels, promising an electrifying driving experience.

  4. Aerodynamic Efficiency: The innovative spoiler design contributes to increased range and dynamic aesthetics, reducing wind resistance and complementing the Smart #3's overall aerodynamic profile.

  5. Panoramic Roof and Comfortable Interiors: Enjoy a sense of space with the Smart #3's panoramic roof, which allows in light while blocking heat and 99% of UV radiation. Tailored bucket seats provide enveloping comfort, merging functionality with trailblazing design elements.

  6. Personalisation and Ambiance: Take control of your Smart #3's ambiance with endless ambient lighting options to set the mood. Personalise your driving experience with lights for any occasion.

  7. Distinctive Lines for Diverse Lifestyles: The Smart #3 will be available in four unique lines, each with its own personality. Whether you seek sophistication, sportiness, or practicality, there's a Smart #3 line for every urban explorer.

As the Smart #3 prepares to hit the streets, get ready to redefine your urban adventures with this electric marvel. Stay tuned for the official launch, where you can explore the lines and choose the perfect match for your lifestyle.

9. Ford Puma

Ford's Puma, a European success story since 2019, is set to embrace the electric future with a mid-cycle refresh. Here's a glimpse into what the upcoming Ford Puma EV has to offer:

Exterior Evolution:

  • Refreshed styling at both ends, featuring new lighting units, grille patterns, and bumper designs.
  • Subtle changes to the profile with potential additions to wheel options.
  • Revamped taillights and bumper for a contemporary rear design.

Interior Innovation:

  • Interior upgrades include relocated climate vents and a redesigned steering wheel.
  • Anticipated enhancements to the center console, maintaining an overall familiar layout.
  • Larger screens for the digital cluster and infotainment system, potentially featuring new software.
  • Introduction of new interior trim options for a personalised touch.

Powertrain Prowess:

  • Continuation of the existing powertrain lineup, including 1.0-liter mild-hybrid three-pots and sportier variants.
  • Minor updates to gasoline engines for optimised performance.
  • Exciting addition of a battery-electric version, aligning with the future of sustainable mobility.

Launch and Market Presence:

  • The facelifted Puma EV, powered by internal combustion engines, is expected to make its debut soon.
  • The electric variant is anticipated to join the lineup next year.
  • Exclusive to the European market, the Puma EV reaffirms Ford's commitment to electrification.

As Ford paves the way for an electrified future, the Puma EV promises an exhilarating driving experience, contemporary design, and a commitment to sustainability. Stay tuned for more updates on this electrifying evolution.

10. Renault 5

Renault is rewriting automotive history with the reincarnation of the iconic Renault 5, now as an electric powerhouse. Here's a sneak peek into the future of the Renault 5:

Electric Revolution:

  • The Renault 5 reimagined for the electric era, blending the essence of the classic R5 with a silent, high-tech, and environmentally friendly approach.
  • Aiming to make electric cars a common sight on European roads.

Impressive Range and Power:

  • Boasting an electric motor with a power output of 100 kW or 136 hp.
  • Delivering a substantial driving range of up to 400 km, ensuring practicality for city life and beyond.

Contemporary Design Mastery:

  • Classic R5 elements infused with a modern twist: rugged wheel arches, streamlined roof profile, boxier bodywork, and an unmistakable smile on the front end.
  • Iconic details elevated, from a charging flap replacing the bonnet air intake to discrete LEDs powering the logo and lighting signature.
  • Innovative materials showcased in features like the soft-top fabric roof, emphasising a commitment to forward-thinking design.

Innovative Cabin Teasers:

  • A mobile app set to launch at the end of 2022, providing enthusiasts with exclusive glimpses into the Renault 5's cabin and production version.
  • A promise of a tech-savvy and modern interior to complement the electrifying exterior.

Target 2024 Release:

  • Anticipated to hit the roads in 2024, the Renault 5 E-Tech Electric Prototype is poised to be a game-changer in the electric city car segment.
  • Renault's determination to maintain the fun, cheeky, and iconic essence of the R5 while embracing modern innovations.

As Renault paves the way for a thrilling electric future, the Renault 5 promises to be a symbol of innovation, style, and sustainability. Stay tuned for updates and be part of the electric revolution.

11. Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai continues its winning streak with the eagerly awaited 2024 Santa Fe, surpassing its predecessor in nearly every aspect. Set to compete with the finest in its class, the new Santa Fe offers a relaxed driving experience, making it an ideal choice for family-car enthusiasts. Here's a glimpse of what makes this SUV stand out:

1. Enhanced Design:

  • The 2024 Santa Fe boasts a bold and refreshed design, setting itself apart with a distinctive and imposing presence on the road.
  • Noteworthy features include sharp H-pattern daytime-running lights, a wide grille, and a boxy yet stylish aesthetic reminiscent of the Land Rover.

2. Tech-Filled Seven-Seat Cabin:

  • Catering to family needs, the Santa Fe provides a spacious seven-seat cabin, loaded with cutting-edge technology and ample room for adults in every seat.
  • The cabin exudes luxury and sophistication, enhancing the overall driving experience for passengers.

3. Hybrid Powertrains:

  • Opting for hybrid powertrains, Hyundai introduces a choice that aligns with the latest trends in automotive technology.
  • By focusing on hybrid options, the Santa Fe balances performance and efficiency, catering to a broader range of drivers.

4. Exceptional Value Proposition:

  • Hyundai's proven success lies in its ability to deliver exceptional value for money. If priced competitively in the UK market, the Santa Fe is poised to be a strong contender in its segment.
  • With a track record of success, Hyundai aims to disrupt the market by offering a premium-like experience without the hefty price tag.

5. Distinctive Styling:

  • The Santa Fe's styling, although divisive, appeals to those seeking a Land Rover-inspired look at a more affordable price.
  • The chunky aesthetic, sharp front end, squared-off wheel arches, and unique rear design contribute to the Santa Fe's distinctive appearance.

As Hyundai continues to showcase its prowess in automotive design and innovation, the 2024 Santa Fe emerges as a top-tier SUV that combines style, technology, and practicality. With the potential to disrupt the market, the new Santa Fe promises to be a compelling choice for discerning car buyers.

Stay tuned for updates on pricing and details as Hyundai prepares to launch this impressive SUV in the UK.

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