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Bad Credit/Non Status Leasing

Not all finance agreements are based solely on your credit score, other factors can be used to determine your suitability for leasing a vehicle; this is known as Non Status Leasing.

If for example you or your company has had bad credit, CCJs, poor accounts or is a new starter, you may be rejected by the majority of vehicle finance companies. Applying for a Non Status Lease gives companies with bad credit a greater chance of being accepted as each application is reviewed on a case to case basis with less focus on your credit score.

Here are some factors which can go against your credit score:

  • New starter company and unable to prove a record of trading
  • Moving house often or not being on the electoral role
  • Missing payments or defaulting
  • CCJs
  • IVAs
  • CVAs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Recently moving to the country

Even if you or your company has a mixture of the above, Non Status Leasing provides an opportunity to obtain credit for a vehicle.

If you think Non Status Leasing could work for you then please get in touch and we can take you through the process.

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