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What is a Short Term Hire?

Short Term Hire is a way of hiring a new vehicle for between 3 and 12 months. This is ideal for companies who either need to bridge a gap between requirements or provide a vehicle for an employee on probation or a temporary contract. Similar to Contract Hire you will pay fixed monthly rentals based on the value of the vehicle, your mileage and the projected end value (or residual value). Also available are rolling 28 day contracts which allow you to react quickly to requirements and avoid any charges for handing a vehicle back early which you may get with a fixed contract length.

Key points of Short Term Hire

  • Hire periods of between 3 and 12 months or rolling 28 day rolling contracts
  • Fixed monthly rentals allow for accurate budgeting
  • Flexible contracts mean you are not tied down into along agreement

Things to consider with Short Term Hire

  • Although more cost effective than daily rental you will generally pay higher rentals than with Contract Hire
  • You will face charges if you go over your set mileage or hand a vehicle back early

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