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What is Sale & Leaseback?

Sale & Leaseback is a great way of releasing capital into your business, if your company owns vehicles then you can receive an influx of cash and still retain them to use. After receiving the cash you no longer own the vehicles but instead pay to lease them with fixed monthly rentals based on expert valuations. You essentially enter in to a Contract Hire agreement for a given period and then hand the vehicles back leaving you free to either enter a new Lease agreement or purchase new vehicles.

Key Points of Sale & Leaseback

  • Releases capital to invest into your business
  • Retain the use of the vehicles at the same time as removing them as assets
  • There is an option to buy back the vehicles at the end of the lease
  • VAT registered companies may be able to claim back 50% of VAT on the rentals

Things to Consider with Sale & Leaseback

  • You no longer own the vehicles when the leaseback begins
  • The vehicles no longer show on the Company balance sheet

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